VICON spreaders

Pendulum Spreaders

The Vicon Pendulum Spreader range is ideal for use on golf courses, sports fields and grounds, as well as in many horticulture and municipal applications.

Two Disc spreaders

Spreaders for farmers who spread their crops in an accurate and durable way using the exact amount of nutrition to avoid overlap. Vicon fertiliser spreaders guarantee accurate spreading, are easy to operator and provide many years of trouble free usage. This means higher yields, lower costs and less waste.

GEOSPREAd spreaders

Two Disc spreaders

Spreading has never been so easy and accurate. The RO-EDW GEOSPREAD is a weighing spreader with integrated section control to provide optimal use of nutrients to your crops. The weighing system continuously checks and controls the desired application rate, regardless of forward speed or fertiliser flow characteristics.


EHD E Series

The EHDE maintains all the benefits of the proven multi-leaf alloy spring steel blade beam. Now you can have the legendary performance of an EHD with a more price conscious entry level spec


The EHD slasher is the benchmark for all slashers. No other brand has our history of rugged reliability and low running costs. Our confidence in the EHD is backed by an unlimited horsepower rating as the gearbox is fully fabricated from steel and fitted with a forged one piece blade beam spindle. 

Nugget 120 / 135

The Howard Nugget compact range of slashers is designed and built to meet the market requirements for a tough, long-life compact Slasher at the right price. Many of these features from the larger Howard slashers are incorporated to ensure long service life and top performance.

Nugget 150 / 180 / 210

For a larger general purpose slasher the 150, 180 and 210 Howard Nugget are designed and built to out-perform all competitive machines within their price range. A hot dip galvanised body for corrosion resistance combined with a smooth top for preventing vegetation build up ensureing a long life and top performance.