Are you using an iTC receiver?

Are you using an iTC receiver?

As of 1st June 2018, John Deere will no longer assist with the transfer of activations for the iTC receivers.

Currently this does not affect the operation of the iTC, and the receiver will continue to function as normal.

But if you are wishing to upgrade your receiver after June 1st 2018, SF2 and RTK activations will be locked to the iTC. This will also be the case, if the receiver is damaged or fails, we will be unable to transfer these activations to a new receiver.

To avoid potentially losing your valuable activations, consider upgrading to a Starfire 3000 or 6000 receiver before June 1st, and the Emmetts Precision Ag team can transfer the upgraded activations to your new receiver. 


For more information, call the Emmetts Precision Ag team on 1800-EMMETT.