Bourgault's New 7000X Air Seeders

Bourgault's New 7000X Air Seeders

Bourgault has added a new range of choices to it’s airseeder range this year with the introduction of their new “7000X” series models.

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Created specifically in response to requests from Australian farmers, the new “X” models have a different tank configuration to the standard 7000 series equivalents as well as options for up two liquids on board and 3 metre track running gear for Controlled Traffic Farming.

“These new models are exactly what our customers have been asking for” says Bourgault Australia General Manager Ben Bulley. “They have the same durable construction and standard features that have made Bourgault the benchmark in modern airseeder design yet now offer capacities and options for multiple granular and liquid products as well as tyre choices for either maximum flotation or CTF operations”.

At the heart of all the “X” models is a four tank design (30% 20% 20% 30% tank split) available in 19,380L or 24,660L capacities, and in trailing (tow behind) and leading (tow between) configurations. Designations are 7550X, L7550X, 7700X and L7700X with the L7700X being an all
new model.

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Unique to “X” models is that they can be configured with any 1 or 2 of the back 3 tanks as Streamliner models for liquids, offering a whole new world of possibilities. Bourgault’s Streamliner variants now feature durable polished stainless steel components, stainless steel hydraulically driven Hypro pumps with standard in-tank product agitation (controllable) regulators and flow meters. This is all easily controlled by the newest generation Topcon X35 Apollo controllers, which now come standard with Topcon’s new “extend” feature.

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“X” series trailing models have revised steering axles as well as a selection of high load carrying singles tyres that offer tight turns as well as true 3 metre tracking. All the usual 7000 Series options are available such as Dual Boom Auto Section Control (ASC), single shoot or double shoot, small seeds saddle tank, digital weigh scales. 7700X and L7700X also can be optioned,
with hydraulic brakes (surge brake on trailing model).

Contact our Bourgault Product Specialist, Matt Waugh on 0499 364 628 for full details of available combinations, or visit your local Emmetts branch.