Defer your harvester reconditioning costs until 2020…

Defer your harvester reconditioning costs until 2020…

Wondering how your harvester will get through the next harvest? Think about using the Emmetts Service Department to recondition your machine this financial year. Finance the cost at 0% and pay in 12 months time.

Speak to your accountant today to see if the reconditioning cost can be used as a deduction for the 2018/2019 Financial Year.

With the range of used harvesters currently available, you may be thinking that now is the time to upgrade your current harvester, or invest in a second machine to increase productivity. With this finance offer, you may choose to purchase a used combine using John Deere Finance. Once settled, access John Deere Finance for reconditioning costs over $10,000 + GST, and pay in 12 months time.

Now is the time to have the conversation with your local Emmetts team, and your accountant to find out which equipment finance structure will best suit your business.

Benefits include:

  • Harvest ready machines
  • John Deere parts used in reconditioning
  • Qualified John Deere trained technicians 
  • Prioritised in-field support during harvest
  • Ability to manage cash flows and deductions**
  • Reduced downtime during harvest period


For information on the finance offer available through John Deere Finance on the 0%* service offer visit

Terms and Conditions:

*Conditions apply. Finance through John Deere Financial Limited. Approved commercial applicants only. Offer based on a minimum spend of AU$11,000 including GST, no deposit and up to a 12 month term. Machinery being serviced must have an active contract with JDF or have been previously financed with JDF and remains unencumbered. Fees and charges apply. Offer expires on 30/04/2019. 12 month/unlimited warranty on new agricultural parts installed by an authorised John Deere dealer. See John Deere Repair Service Parts Warranty for details at


**This does not constitute financial advise, please speak to your accountant.