Emmetts now offering Weed-It precision spraying technology

Emmetts now offering Weed-It precision spraying technology

The Weed-It system was originally developed in the Netherlands, with the purpose of killing pavement weeds. Its benefits were soon recognised in agricultural applications, and the spot spraying technology was brought to Australia over a decade ago.

Emmetts have partnered with Rometron Australia to offer customers Weed-It spot spraying technology. The Weed-It sensors are fitted to sprayer booms at 1m intervals and use blue LED light to recognize weeds as small as a 20c piece on fallow ground. By spot spraying, farmers see significant savings in chemicals and can accurately eliminate stubborn summer weeds.

Individual nozzle control allows additional operating modes. Dual Spraying allows operators to apply different spray rates using the one spray line. In Cover mode, Weed-It acts as a normal sprayer with pulse width modulation allowing variable rate application.

Matt Burns, Emmetts Integrated Solutions Manager, says “We are excited to add the Weed-It technology to our ever-growing technology stack. The weed-it system will be a unique fit to current issues the industry is facing. With ever increasing chemical costs and difficulties with weed management, it will give growers another tool in their toolbox. The ability to retrofit to a tow behind sprayer and specific models of self-propelled sprayers becomes an option rather than the requirement of a dedicated machine, allowing further flexibility in spraying options.”

Brendan Williams, Rometron Australia’s Managing Director says “It is a great honour to have the Emmetts group represent the Weedit product across key markets in Victoria and South Australia. Combining a large professional dealer group with market leading spot spraying technology will help the Emmetts customers win the war on summer weeds.”

For more information, please contact your local Emmetts branch.