Meet the duo helping farmers pull profits from their data.

Meet the duo helping farmers pull profits from their data.

AGree Decision Ag is a precision agronomy consulting service with the aim to make precision ag affordable and accessible to all growers, with ongoing support from concept to implementation.

Laura Bruce, AGree Manager and Grace Barden, Precision Agronomist

Laura Bruce has been a precision agronomist with AGree since 2019, and has recently taken on the role as AGree’s Manager. Laura’s background as an advisor in dryland and irrigation agronomy has given her a breadth of knowledge to base her precision agronomy recommendations from. Combining this with her machinery and technology experience creates effective solutions that increase profitability and sustainability for all farming businesses, no matter their size.

“We have the front seat to the exciting developments coming from the precision ag sector and it’s important for us to validate and embrace them. As experts in these technologies, we are equally excited to make them accessible to our clients. Precision agronomy is the key to break through the ceiling that is productivity and profitability,” Laura says.

Working alongside Laura is graduate Precision Agronomist Grace Barden, who joined the team earlier this year. Originally from NSW, Grace has worked with an independent agronomist in Kenya, East Africa, and the GRDC in the Western Australian wheatbelt. Working in such vastly varied climatic conditions has given Grace an understanding of agronomy, and she has observed the positive impacts of precision agriculture and agronomy wherever it had been implemented.

“Considering the developments in agricultural practices over the past 50 years, the next 50 are going to be incredible. Precision Agriculture is the place to be if you want to increase your farm’s efficiency and see changes that are going to allow you to put more money and time into growing your business.”

The AGree team are agronomists first and foremost, and are committed to providing affordable precision agronomy solutions. Each job is approached from an agronomy angle, providing customers with scientifically backed advice focused on improving return on investment. Being a part of the Emmetts company means AGree can support customers throughout the entire precision ag journey, from machinery purchase and optimization right through to implementation. To date, Emmetts are the only agricultural machinery dealership in Australia that offer this level of agronomy service.

The AGree team are currently based in the Wimmera Mallee region, but are available to customers across the entire Emmetts region. “there is a greater need than ever to farm efficiently. Growers will be looking at every possible way they can maximise yield and get the most return on investment. Producers will know their farms more intimately thanks to on-farm sensors, and there will be a greater need for information through services such as soil sampling and moisture probes,” says Laura.

The team at AGree can assist in determining the capabilities and compatibility of systems of all colours to ensure maximum utilisation. AGree can consult on farm software programs best suited to each operation, to ensure all data is in one accessible platform. “These days, a lot of the technology is integrated into new machines, so growers already have the tools to collect data. We can assist with that data collection, and work with the customer to understand the information and use it to farm more efficiently and increase profits,” says Laura.

Grace is enjoying being part of the team and seeing the results of her work. “Taking a bag of soil, testing it, mapping the paddock, creating solutions for better soil health, then seeing those solutions eventuate into healthy crops is hugely satisfying,” she says.

No matter the farm size, or level of precision ag implemented, the AGree team can work with you to maximise productivity. The team can create custom packages to suit your goals, whether you want to improve yield, understand your paddocks or improve the efficiency of your inputs. AGree provides soil sampling, topsoil mapping, satellite crop monitoring, weather stations, and protein data to create prescription maps to optimize inputs and returns. For a full list of services and to get in contact with the team, visit