ReliaBELT High Capacity Belt Conveyors

ReliaBELT High Capacity Belt Conveyors

Knowing that the grain handling industry requires speed and quality from their machinery, Emmetts are now selling ReliaBELT high capacity belt conveyors.

The feature that increases its capacity beyond that of a standard belt conveyor is the extra wide belt. It is a 20 inch belt in a 10 inch tube which means the belt wraps around 3/4 of the tube. ReliaBELT can move 4 tonne per minute as opposed to 2.2 tonne with the 15″ and 16″ belts.

The simple design of the one belt drive system means fewer bearings and rollers, no jack shafts or extra belts, pullies, gearboxes or idle shafts coming out of the engine.


  • pinch drive system -the belt can relax which increases the lifetime of the belt.
  • powder coated.
  • easy clean out with drop down doors.
  • directional spout.
  • hydraulic scissor lift as standard on the 45′ and 55′ conveyors.
  • scissor lift A frame gives you wider reach into air seeders with a shorter tube.
  • extra hangars for the wheel drives.
  • joystick controlled steering with pinpoint accuracy to go under bins and to drive around the yard.
  • electric clutch.
  • low and collapsible hopper.
  • removable drawbar hitch.
  • extra long 5 foot “beavertail” intake and wide exposed belt allows grain to gain momentum before inclining.
  • extra long intake length allows customers to reach under large diameter bins. 
  • main wheels are hydraulic driven for optimal traction.
  • high horsepower engine is standard on all conveyors which helps to maintain the “high capacity” performance.

Included as standard; light kit, water straining fuel filters, electric clutch, diesel as standard on the large machines, joy stick control, full 5 foot “beavertail” and directional spout.

ReliaBELT conveyors have been working on farms and in commercial grain handling sites across Australia for a decade. Call us to find out more.

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