Talk in Field….Sowing

Talk in Field….Sowing

Today we had Matt Waugh, the Emmetts Bourgault Product Specialist in the office. He spends the majority of his time visiting customers between Shepparton Vic across to Kadina SA, to assist with Bourgault seeding equipment set up, operation, and fitting new machines to customers needs.

While he was here I asked him what people are talking about for 2018 sowing? Matt said “everyone is talking about liquid fertiliser. How to apply it, what the benefits there are, what the cost differences are, how higher rates affect yield, how to best retro fit existing machines, and the options for growers who are looking to move into a new machine which will allow liquid fertiliser application as an option.”

“Between South Australia and Victoria there are differing opinions from growers on what is better, disc or tine? The universal sowing question…. the answer is… both… depending on your preference, that is influenced by your seeding philosophy, soil type, row spacing, soil disturbance, trash coverage and geographic location. South Australians are predominantly tine. Victorians favour disc machines more.” Matt believes Victoria’s adoption of the disc seeder can be partially credited to Vic No Till who have been promoting disc usage.

Matt is having these discussions because Bourgault does have a specialty compartment for liquid fertiliser within the air carts which is lined and watertight. “Customers are asking for the separation of seed and liquid to give them more options when they want to apply liquid fertiliser, to avoid seed burn. Bourgault provides this fertiliser and seed separation by having offset seed boots, to allow for germination near the higher rates of fertiliser without the risk of seed burn.”

We are seeing that this is the way things are going for seeding. With the Emmetts Precision Solutions Team having fit Bourgault seeders with John Deere rate controllers, the variable fertiliser application is now available to those who want it. Having both the John Deere and Bourgault seeding range gives Emmetts the ability to mix and match product. Quite often a John Deere  customer is wanting to have a John Deere air cart with the Greenstar guidance and variable rate application system which can then be matched to the greater seeding width offering of Bourgault bars that they are looking for.  Bourgault bars come in 40′, 50′, 60′, 70′, 80′ and 100′ widths. 

As far a new products for 2018, Matt is excited about the’ X’ series cart which was released in 2017. They have a greater flexibility in operation by having more bin splits, to add that next level of customisation for growers.

What customers might not know about Bourgault Seeding Equipment?
“With the assembly plant in Albury NSW, there is stock available year round. It is usually a four week build time from signed order to delivery. Bourgault is also in the midst of moving to a new, larger factory in Perth which demonstrates their growing commitment to Australian farmers.”

From left: “Shawry” Andrew Shaw (Emmetts Precision Ag Solutions), Jord Lee (Emmetts Precision Ag Solutions), Matt Waugh (Emmetts Bourgault Product Specialitst)