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Chain and Cable Lubricant TY26350AU

$12.60 inc GST

Out of Stock But We Can Order It In. Expect 10-14 Days Delivery - If stock available in Australia from John Deere.  We will confirm if ordered, and if not available in Australia or delays are expected we will let you know and give you the option of a refund. Additional charges and delays in delivery may apply if stock is not available in Australia. Please contact our Online Shop Team if you are unsure and want to confirm availability by clicking the Have A Question Button below.Backorders add an additional 3-5 days for delivery lead time if the part is available in Australia. International stock will take considerable time for delivery through to our branch and will attract additional delivery charges. Please also check with our team if this is suitable for your machine before ordering by quoting your serial number and model.

John Deere Part Number: TY26350AU

  • Chain and Cable Lubricant
  • 15 oz Aerosol Spray Can
  • Displaces moisture and helps prevent rust and corrosion.

John Deere Chain and Cable Lubricant is a heavy-duty lubricant for reducing friction and wear. The specialized formulation of penetrate, lubricant oils and grease plus molybdenum disulfide allows superior wicking into chain components and cable strands. This product provides excellent lubrication and rust protection, displaces moisture and helps prevent corrosion. This specialized lubricant forms a non-gumming film which provides maximum lubrication and protection under severe conditions.

Foaming action allows better penetration and adhesion for:

  • Lubrication of roller chains and drives
  • Hoists and conveyors
  • Wire rope and cable
  • Chain saws
  • Sprockets
  • Land and roller assemblies
  • Garage and overhead door hinges

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