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Connected Support

Turning on JDLink™ connectivity enables you to experience higher levels of productivity by enabling remote diagnostics and proactive support via your John Deere dealer. John Deere Connected Support tools - available anytime, anywhere - are available online and through mobile applications to keep your equipment running when you need it. Through the information and Emmetts support provided, you can make quick and well-informed decisions, saving time and improving efficiency.

Service ADVISOR™ Remote

Allows Emmetts to remotely analyse Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) in near real time so technicians arrive on-site with the right parts and the right tools to quickly repair your machine.

Expert Alerts

An industry exclusive, Expert Alerts is a proactive monitoring system that automatically notifies Emmetts (with your permission) of potential machine issues. This allows technicians to diagnose issues remotely and fix them before they become a problem.

Remote Display Access

With your consent, Emmetts can remotely assist you with in-cab display setup and adjustments for optimal machine performance.


Expert Alerts assist to identify and diagnose a machine in some situations before a machine is symptomatic, allowing the operator to continue with operation temporarily until a convenient time – minimising cost of repair and potential impact on machine components.

This is a proactive system, where your dealer is notified of potential concerns and will work with you to ensure your machine is operational for the maximum period of time with minimal impact on your operation or bottom line.

With your consent, Expert Alerts utilise advanced algorithms to analyse telematics data to proactively identify potential machine component failures and notify your dealer. This allows your technician to notify you prior to machine failure and schedule a service visit when it is convenient for you before the failure occurs. They will have the repair instructions and required tools and parts on board to minimise your repair cost and maximise your uptime.


With Service ADVISOR Remote your dealer can remotely analyse in real time Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) to isolate potential issues with the connected machine. Once the potential cause of the fault has been identified, your dealer can send the right technician with the right parts and tools on board to complete the repair in the shortest possible time, when it’s convenient to you.

With Remote Programming, certain technical problems which used to leave you with a machine down situation can now be solved remotely via your machines JDLink™ telematics connection. Machine updates can now be pushed to your machine remotely, to resolve problems or enable enhancements.
Collects live machine operation data over a period of time to assist with the diagnosis of intermittent issues without the technician being present.
Allows your John Deere dealer to resolve certain technical problems via your machine’s JDLink™ telematics connection. Updates can also be pushed to your machine remotely to resolve problems and enable enhancements.
Enable technicians to remotely clear or refresh any trouble codes on a machine, helping them diagnose issues and be better prepared if a service call is needed.


Connected machines produce and transmit Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) when a fault condition (e.g. sensor voltage too high) occurs for a specified period of time.

A DTC has various alert values based on the severity and potential hazard to a machine.

A DTC is received and analysed by your dealer, the potential cause is identified and, depending on cause and severity, corrective measures are put in place.

These include contacting the customer, performing remote diagnostics and a potential service visit prepared with required components on board.
Your technician cannot be in the field with you for every change in crop condition. However with Remote Display Access and JDLink™ your dealer can connect virtually in cab with your John Deere dealer display from any laptop, tablet or smartphone, allowing them to make recommendations to help you maximise your productivity. This allows your dealer to assist in machine troubleshooting and set-up/optimisation without leaving their dealership. This helps to reduce the need for a callout, and ensure you aren’t left waiting for in-field support, unless absolutely necessary.
Gen 4 or GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 display
RDA + JDLink™ connectivity
MTG/JDLink-equipped machine
Ethernet cable
Valid MyJohnDeere account and appropriate partnerships setup in John Deere Operations Center.

Enabling support anytime, anywhere.

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