Setup.  Plan.
Monitor.  Analyse.

Take It To The Next Level

Once you have data flowing into your account you will want to ensure the data you’re collecting is of a high quality and can help you improve your farm. There are four key areas we recommend you focus on: Setup, Plan, Monitor and Analyse. Automate machine functions and record accurate yield data – we’ll walk you through how to set up your machine, optimise performance and automate functions.

Use your data to improve your farm

Proceed through these four sections, each stage contains detailed benefits and video instructions.
Set up your physical assets such as fields, equipment, products & people.
Share plans with everyone so they’re all on the same page and can get in the field faster.
Get the job done right, and monitor the job when you can't be in the field.
Review your performance and identify opportunities.


You already know good machine setup and maintenance maximises machine performance, your data is no different!
Digital setup is the creation of physical assets like field boundaries, guidance lines, equipment, products (e.g. chemicals, fertiliser and seed) and operators in the digital ecosystem. We call this standard list of assets ‘master setup data’.
The fact is, good setup can take time, but the great news is it only needs to be done once and maintained each season if anything has changed.
Once created, your master data can be leveraged by people, equipment and partners across your entire digital ecosystem. This makes other activities such as planning, execution, monitoring and analysis more streamlined, enabling you to measure performance more consistently year-after-year, leading to better decisions.
Some of the benefits of creating good master setup data include:
Get Goinging Faster
When field conditions are right, you don’t want to be stopped entering data into a display. Taking the time to create your master setup data before the season starts means when you get in the field, you just select what you need from a list and get going.
Make It Easier
It’s much easier to select a guidance line from a list than it is to create one every time you go to the field. Taking the time to create master setup data makes it easier for your operators to collect data.
Agronomic Data In The Right Place
Having accurate boundaries established ensures you are capturing the right data in the right place on your farm and that you’re able to visualise it.

We Reccomend Setting Up The Following

Keep reading down this page to learn and discover how to compete setup for each of these reccomendations.



Your Land



team Manager setup

Team Manager allows you to manage access for your staff, operators and partners to John Deere Operations Center™. Depending on your preference you can grant access from ‘view only’ through to ‘edit and manage’. You can choose to share everything with everyone, or only one data layer from one field with one partner. It’s up to you.

Equipment Setup

To get the most from the system we recommend you set up both connected and non-connected equipment you’re going to use.
Your connected equipment should automatically be in your account, so you’ll just need to add the non-connected equipment you want to see.
If you want to get the location of non-connected equipment you can use Mobile Location Tracking within Operations Center mobile on your phone to update the equipment location. You can also use Mobile Location Tracking to keep an eye on your staff, which can help if you’re concerned about their safety at any time.
Having equipment set up correctly in John Deere Operations Center™ unlocks a number of opportunities to improve your efficiency such as:
Equipment monitoring
Ever wondered “Is my operator in the right field doing the right job?” A quick look at the Operations Center mobile can confirm the machine is in the right field.
Maintenance management
Like to know when your next service is due? The JDLink™ Mobile app can send you alerts.
Logistics management
Would you like an estimate of when the combine will finish harvesting a field so you can start moving grain bins? Operations Center mobile can provide near real time updates on job progress.

connected Equipment

Connected equipment such as your John Deere Tractors and Combines. Ever wondered “Is my operator in the right field doing the right job?” A quick look at the Operations Center mobile can confirm the machine is in the right field.

non Connected Equipment

Non-connected equipment such as implements. Would you like an estimate of when the combine will finish harvesting a field so you can start moving grain bins? Operations Center mobile can provide near real time updates on job progress.

Land Setup

In the real world, land is your greatest asset. And in a digital world it’s no different. The Land tool is where you will set up and maintain all your land assets such as Fields, Boundaries, Guidance Lines and Flags.
Setting up your location data in Operations Center web before your operators get to the field saves your team time and increases fieldwork precision from pass to pass. This information can be reused across field operations over time.
You can create all of these Land Assets in Land, or you can create them on a display in the field and import them into the Land tool in Operations Center. Whether you create them in Land or in the field depends on what you want to use the assets for.

Best practice is to create Boundaries and Guidance Lines in the field using RTK accuracy as this is accurate to 2.5 cm and repeatable over time. You should use this method if you want to use machine automation features like Section Control, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, or Boundary Track.

However, if you only want to use Boundaries for record keeping, and you don’t require accurate and repeatable Guidance Lines, then you can create these in the Land tool or import them from another source, which can be much faster and easier.
Help operators perform more efficiently in the field
With clear and structured naming conventions for Fields and Guidance Lines.
Automatically clean up your field data using boundaries
When an operator makes a mistake with documentation. For example, if an operator forgets to change fields on the display when moving to a new field, as long as you have boundaries in John Deere Operations Center™, the Field Detection feature it will automatically move the data to the correct field.
Boundaries are requied for machine automation features
Like Section Control and AutoTrac™ Turn Automation.
Boundaries will allow you to monitor how much of a field is completed
From in the cab or remotely.

Operations Center™ land setup

Setting up your location data in Operations Center™ web before your operators get to the field saves your team time and increases fieldwork precision from pass to pass. This information can be reused across field operations over time.


What is a digital plan?

Good planning means fewer mistakes. If your team knows what they need to do when they get to the field, they can get going faster.

Digital plans are the creation of work tasks to be completed during the season. You plan your season’s work on your computer or mobile device, and then use your equipment, assets and people to complete the work. For example, if need to apply nitrogen to a field, or group of fields, at 50 kg/ha, we would consider this a single work task that would incorporate the following:
Tractor and spreader or sprayer (equipment)
Operator (people)
Urea (product)
Field names (Land asset)
Typically, this information might come from an agronomist, or via the software your agronomist uses. You arrange the products you need, and you do the work in the field.

What is the value of a digital plan?
As the season gets busy or your farm grows, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that needs to happen. However, if you’ve taken the time to set up your farm within the John Deere Operations Center™, you can start connecting your plans to your operators and equipment. And clear communications with your team allows everyone to get going faster and make fewer mistakes.

We understand that dealing with Mother Nature means even the best laid plans will change. If this happens you can easily and quickly change your plans on the go from your phone or tablet and keep everyone in your business on the same page.

Some of the benefits of good digital planning include:
Automated setup in the cab resulting in more productive time in the field
Keeping everyone informed and avoiding costly mistakes
The ability to monitor progress and adapt your plans to changing conditions

get started with Planning

Keep reading down this page to learn and discover how to compete setup for each of these recommendations.

Work Planner

Maintenance Planner

Work Planner

When you get to the field, you just want to get stuck in. But collecting quality data means the operator must set up the display correctly. With Work Planner, this process is faster than ever!
Work Planner allows you to plan and prioritise work that needs to be completed, either in the office or on-the-go, and then send these plans directly to your display in the cab. When the operator enters a field, they’re immediately notified of the work that needs to be completed, which they can then accept to automatically configure the display to execute the job accurately.
The Setup Builder tool is an alternative option for you to load your machine displays with the key information required for operators to complete the work in the field. Using Setup Builder you can select the Land, Equipment, Products and Operators required to complete the work or operation type and then send this Setup file wirelessly to the display. Unlike Work Planner however, there is no ability to plan or schedule specific work tasks, or for operators to be prompted with specific work details as they enter the field.

work planner

Work planned on John Deere Operations Center™ web or mobile is synced across all your devices, ensuring everyone is working from the same plan. This means that making a change to the plan is not a problem, and your team is kept up to date.

creating prescriptions

Agrian Prescription Creator is a connected software tool for prescription creation in Operations Center web. It allows producers to easily make zones and variable rate prescriptions for application, seeding, and tillage operations.

Create Setup File

The growing season can be one of the most stressful times of the year for farmers. Ensuring accurate and consistent information every time you enter the field is one way to relieve some of those stresses. When utilising the Setup File Creator in Operations Center Web, farmers can create a setup file that contains specific information to import to their display, which will help spend less time setting up and enable more efficient field operations.

Maintenance Planner

Maintaining your equipment keeps your operation running and minimises costly downtime.

Maintenance is a tool in John Deere Operations Center™ web that allows you to create preventative maintenance plans for your machines, set up alerts for upcoming tasks, and track repairs whether you have a few machines or an entire fleet.

Create Maintenance Plan

Using the Maintenance tool in Operations Center, you can enrol your John Deere equipment with a factory maintenance plan, or create custom plans to suit your specific needs, or for equipment without connectivity.


The value of digital monitoring

When you’re in the field, you only get one chance to get it right. Getting the work done on time and with precision is the most important job you can do, but you can’t be everywhere. Monitoring what’s happening in near real time gives you the ability to ensure the work is being done right when you can’t be in the cab.

There’s no doubt that getting the crop in the ground at the right time and in precisely the right place is the key to getting any crop off to the right start. Precise placement of seed and nutrients requires precise control of equipment, and once you have everything set up you want the peace of mind of knowing it’s still working precisely the way you want it to. This is where our suite of precision monitoring and control tools come in.

The value of our Monitor tools include:
Know what's going on
When you’re busy getting the crop off before the next storm, it’s easy to lose track of what everyone’s doing. Use John Deere Operations Center™ mobile to see what’s going on in near real time from your phone.
Flexibility to adapt as your plans change
Are we on track, or does something need to change? Sometimes the best plans need to change.
Monitor job quality
Are we doing the job right? Knowing how your operators are getting the job done gives you peace of mind it’s being done right. Monitor job quality from in the cab, or remotely across the farm with Gen 4 Displays & Operations Center mobile.
Get everyone working together
Having multiple machines in a field can be hard to co-ordinate. Whether you need everyone using the same Guidance Line, or you want the yield data from multiple combines. Using In Field Data Sharing & Data Sync can get everyone on the same page.

To help you navigate the section, we’ve split it into 2 areas:

Keep reading down this page to learn and discover how to compete setup for each of these recommendations.

In Field Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

In Field Monitoring
Gen 4 Displays
The Gen 4 suite of displays allow you to monitor and control what's happening in the field. For even greater visibility in Planting, Spraying and Harvest applications add Connect Mobile via an iPad application.
The Gen 4 Display is your interface to monitor and control the outcome you want in the field.
Let’s Look At Some Of The Applications On The Gen 4 Display That Can Help You Do That.
Work Monitor
The Work Monitor will help you monitor the machine’s productivity and performance. You are shown averages, totals and productivity of the machine, such as area worked, average working speed and fuel usage. You can configure your display homepage to show Work Monitor information so you can monitor without changing screens.
Flags can be used to mark areas in the field that need special attention such as rocks, power poles or weed pressure.

Flags recorded on the Gen 4 can be transferred between machines. Flags can also be sync’d to John Deere Operations Center™ and viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop if you have JDLink™ Connect. Whether you’re in a machine or on the go, you can see the flags anyone has created and take appropriate action.

Flags is standard on all Gen 4 Displays.
You’ll need to complete the Work Setup section if you want to collect data. In Work Setup you enter information related to the work being done such as:

Client, Farm and Field
Crop Type
Machine and implement dimensions
Variety and rate – Seeding, Planting, Application
Variable rate prescriptions (if being used)
This information is used to control machine functions such as rate and section control as well as document the work being done. Documentation data can be sent wirelessly or manually to Operations Center for record keeping purposes and will be available via your phone, tablet or laptop.

The following items are recorded on a Gen 4 Display for further analysis in the Operations Center:

Client, Farm and Field
As Applied map of rates – Seeding, Planting, Application
Products and/or Tank Mix
Harvest maps, including yield and moisture
John Deere Mobile Weather or manually entered weather and field conditions
And more…

Documentation is standard on all Gen 4 Displays.
Data Sync
Data Sync automatically syncs data between Gen 4 Displays and the Operations Center every 30 seconds. This means you can keep an eye on what’s going on in near real time. What’s more, your operators and partners can get access to information when they need it. This improves visibility of information across your business so people can make decisions faster and reduces the risk of losing data if something goes wrong.

Currently Data Sync syncs the following data, but we’re adding more items all the time so be sure to check back often:

As Applied maps (seeding/planting, application)
Harvest data (yield, moisture maps)
John Deere Mobile Weather data maps (temperature, humidity, wind, speed, Delta T)
Data Sync requires JDLink™ Connect and is standard in all Gen 4 Displays.
In Field Data Sharing
When you have multiple machines in the field, you want them to work together and share information. Sharing data between machines can help multiple machines get working faster and collect data more consistently by sharing setup information such as Client, Farm, Field, Guidance Lines, Crop Type, Products and Tank Mixes. Work data such as yield maps and as applied rate maps can be shared between machines every 30 seconds and machine location every 6 seconds.

NOTE: Data transfer times can vary depending on strength of data connection. In Field Data Sharing (IFDS) is an additional option on the 4600 and 4640 displays. IFDS is not available on 4200 and 4240 displays.

3 machines working together with In Field Data Sharing.

Get multiple machines going faster and more accurately

When you have multiple machines in the field it can be difficult to get everyone set up to use the right guidance lines and collecting data consistently. In Field Data Sharing allows the lead operator to share setup information with all other operators, enabling everyone to use the same information in the field.

Trigger functions like Section Control from multiple machines

When there are multiple machines is a field it can be difficult to know where someone else has been. With Infield Data Sharing you can not only see where other machines have been, but Section Control will also turn on and off based on where the other machines have been, meaning you aren’t wasting products or over applying.

Monitor the quality of work all operators are doing

If you have a lead operator, they can monitor the quality of work other operators are doing. If they see an issue, they can correct it quickly.

In Field Monitoring
Connect Mobile
Connect Mobile is an in-cab iPad application that provides a higher resolution view of what’s happening on the machine.  Monitor the performance of your combine, planter, or sprayer. Understand what adjustments can improve the job performance.  View detailed machine information to maximise results from the work you do to make better decisions in the future.

Connect Mobile can be used in three applications.

John Deere Planters

Monitor planting attributes such as seed population, seed singulation, seed spacing coefficient of variation, downforce, gauge wheel margin, ride quality and ground speed in high definition, enabling the operator to manage planting quality.

Custom alerts allow the operator to make adjustments quickly to maintain planting quality.

John Deere Self-Propelled Sprayers

Monitor spraying attributes such as rate, rate deviation, ground speed and pressure to enable the operator to manage spray quality.

John Deere Combines

Monitor Harvest attributes such as ground speed, grain moisture and yield.
Monitor relative grain loss to improve combine productivity.

Monitor variety performance while harvesting to assist with decision making.

Operations Center™ Mobile

You can’t always be in the cab, but with John Deere’s Digital Ecosystem you can always be connected. The Gen 4 display and John Operations Center™ mobile were designed to work together and always be connected with JDLink™ Connectivity.
remote monitoring

remote display access

If your operators need help in the field, remote display access gives you the ability to view the machine’s display on your phone, tablet or laptop. Whether you need to help an operator navigate the display, help them diagnose an issue, or just check their settings, Remote Display Access allows you to see exactly what your operators are seeing and get them going faster. This will give you peace of mind everything is running the way you want it to.
Monitor progress
View the progress of the season (seeding or harvest) or the progress in a single field.
See who’s working right now
See which machines are working right now and what they are working on. Monitor the progress and the quality of the job.
Know when a machine is having a problem so you can manage it
You can setup Operations Center mobile to alert you about activity on your farm. The alerts are can be configured so you only receive information that you want to see.

See what’s been completed for the day, week, month or year
If you want to know how many acres have been completed or how many tonnes of grain have been harvested, you can see it in just a few short clicks.

See where machines are located
If you need to know where machines are, how many hours they have, or how much fuel they have, you can see it all in the Map page.

Monitor combine settings or make a change to the settings from your phone
You can with Remote Combine Adjust. This allows you to ensure things are being done the way you want them to.


The value of analysis

When the job’s finished, you want to know if you were successful. Our analysis tools help you understand what worked well and where you have opportunities to improve.

A wise man once said, “You only get about 40 seasons to farm in your lifetime. If you don’t learn something every season, you’re not doing it right.” If you’ve made it this far it’s likely you already know the value of analysis. It’s why you collected the data in the first place. So, let’s just get into it!

Analyse Tool In Operations Center™

Using the Analyze tool in Operations Center, you can view and analyse your data in an aggregated and tabulated format to more easily draw conclusions, as well as identify any potential errors. Viewing your data in this format, and with powerful filtering functions, you can quickly answer key questions about your operation’s performance and inputs. Analyze also makes it easy to share and export reports with your agronomist or trusted advisor.

Common examples

Here are some scenarios highlighting some of the ways our Analyse tools can be used.
Spray Diaries
Keep accurate records of all spray diary information.
Post Calibrate Data
Post calibrate yield data that was captured with multiple machines in the same field
Create a prescription from previous layers
Use multiple layers to create prescriptions.
Review trial performance
Quickly review the results of farm trials.
Identify what’s driving yield
Compare layers such as soil and elevation to see if they’re driving yield.

Hear from other farmers about how techinology is helping them plan more effectively.

George Williams, Racecourse Projects, Mackay, QLD
George Williams and the team from Racecourse Projects find that a good Setup is is absolutely critical for improving their farm's performance.
Scott Clark, Jamestown, SA
Hear how Scott, his brother and their father use John Deere integrated technology to get their operations done in a timely and efficient manner.
Robin Schaefer and John Gladigau, Bulla Burra Farms, Loxton, SA
For Robin and John Precision Ag gives them the ability to communicate and pass on information to their employees in the field, avoiding costly errors.
Brett and Kirrilee Warr, Agnire Farming Company, Yuna, WA
Always looking for efficiencies in their operation, Brett and Kirrilee look to John Deere Precision Ag to deliver them.
Want to learn more Precision Ag technology?  Talk to one of our product specialists.
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