NEW MACHINES - sprayers

john deere

self propelled sprayers

The R4023, R4030, R4038 and R4045 – one of the industry’s most comprehensive equipment lines. Now with the option of carbon fibre boom!

trailed sprayers

High performance, maximum uptime and lowest possible operating costs – that’s what you get with the John Deere M900i Series sprayers.


self propelled sprayers

From the G3 Crop Cruiser up to the G10 Super Cruiser and the new G4V Crop Cruiser, find your perfect sprayer in the Goldacres self propelled range.

trailed sprayers

The Prairie Pro comes in four product tank sizes - 5000L, 6500L, 7500L and 8500L with TriTech boom widths 24 - 36m. With multiple wheel track and tyres sizes available, there is a sprayer to suit all farm sizes and configurations.

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self propelled sprayers

Browse Hardi’s range of self propelled sprayers, including the Rubicon, Saritor, Alpha Evo and Presidio.

trailed sprayers

From the Grasslands with its 1200L tank and 6 - 10m boom, to the popular Commander with 6500 – 10000L tank and 18-48.5m boom, the Navigator with 3000 – 6000L tank and 18 - 36.5m boom, and the Ranger, with a 2500L tank and 12 – 21m boom. 


vineyard sprayers

GreenTech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray technology solutions for the viticulture industry.

row crop sprayers

GreenTech's row crop sprayers are suitable for most types of row crops. We cater for all sizes of crop - from small to very wide or very tall.

orchard sprayers

GreenTech's orchard sprayers are suitable for most types of orchards. We cater for all sizes of trees - from small to very wide or very tall.