Self Propelled Sprayer
  • Solution Command: Fill, spray and rinse accurately and easily via
  • TerrainControl Pro and TerrainCommand Pro increase application accuracy and efficiency
  • XtraFlex Individual dual strut wheel suspension
  • Hydraulic track width adjustment to match different tramlines
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You already know exactly what to do – we build the R4140i so that you can do it better. From planning and documentation, filling and transport, to spraying, rinsing and dilution – you’ll get every step just right, and finish faster than ever.
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Improve coverage and minimize overlap with ExactApply™ nozzle control system

Cover each and every hectare with the same level of efficacy and minimize overlaps at the nozzle level thanks to ExactApply.


ExactApply is a big step forward in nozzle control systems, from simple section control to individual nozzle control with much more precise application management. In-cab nozzle control with manual or automatic A, B, or A+B switching saves you a lot of time and delivers ultimate application versatility. Maintain your target rate and pressure over an unprecedented range of speeds while decreasing overlap and reducing input costs.

Turn rate compensation
Turn rate compensation: A. Homogeneous rate Turn rate compensation: A. Homogeneous rate

In conjunction with turn compensation, ExactApply automatically varies the rate across the entire boom for the correct application rate in a specific area.

Individual nozzle control Individual nozzle control
High-frequency pulsing: A. Pressure, B. Speed High-frequency pulsing: A. Pressure, B. Speed
Comfort, protection, and intuitive controls inside the Category 4 cab
Category 4 cab
Category 4 cab Category 4 cab

Cradled inside the wheelbase, the comfortable and stress-free ride of the cab keeps you productive and focused. Well isolated from terrain by the XtraFlex wheel suspension and a supportive air-cushioned seat, the pressurized cab seals you in against dust, aerosols, and vapours* while powerful air filtration has you breathing healthy. And then there’s the view: totally unobstructed sightlines to your booms and front wheels keep you on track with relaxed precision.


*NOTE: Applies to the Category 4 compliant option. The standard cab is sealed and uses active carbon filters.

Multifunction handle and CommandARM™ console Multifunction handle and CommandARM™ console

The 4600 CommandCenter™ display puts all relevant sprayer information right in front of you and is presented in an easy-to-read, logical way. The revamped CommandARM console and the multifunction handle let you control forward and reverse speeds and the park brake in a responsive push or pull with ease. Then, intuitively execute an array of other functions with reassignable buttons right at your fingertips, some even with dual functions accessible in conjunction with the foot switch.

Excellent boom control using TerrainControl™ Pro and TerrainCommand™ Pro leveling systems
TerrainControl Pro and TerrainCommand Pro

TerrainControl Pro , TerrainCommand Pro, and active centreframe control complement the already exemplary mechanical boom stability of the R4140i and R4150i Sprayers. You now get fully automated boom height and roll control on the most solid and accurate spraying platform you have ever experienced. No misses, no drifting, just consistent coverage – automatically. With TerrainControl Pro and TerrainCommand Pro, the boom is always where it needs to be for optimum coverage. Purpose-designed hybrid-mode sensors simultaneously track both soil and crop, learning the crop height to prevent lowering into areas of down crop. Active centreframe control eliminates unwanted movement and prevents boom leaning during headland turns.

TerrainControl Pro TerrainControl Pro
TerrainCommand Pro TerrainCommand Pro
Automatic adjustments and a smooth ride with XtraFlex wheel suspension
XtraFlex suspension

The pneumatic, self-levelling XtraFlex independent wheel suspension has 200 mm (7.9 in.) of vertical travel for a smooth ride, whatever the conditions.


Once the machine is running, the onboard air compressor automatically inflates the bags to the optimal set ride height to ensure a comfortable ride.


Benefits of the auto air-spring leveling system include:

  • XtraFlex strut-type, air-spring leveling system automatically adjusts pressure for optimal field and road performance.
  • XtraFlex is based on individual wheel suspension. The system suspends each wheel separately and provides optimal ground contact, sufficient traction, and a comfortable ride.
  • XtraFlex suspension unit slides in and out for track adjustment, steering, and suspension.
  • XtraFlex individual air suspension is unique to the market.

The air suspension can be easily lowered using the two-position rotary knob on the operator's station. This will reduce machine height and provide safety when the sprayer is being hauled on a truck or flat-bed trailer.

Inflate the air suspension for regular field or transport work and deflate the air suspension for safe transport when hauling the machine.

XtraFlex wheel suspension creates optimum ground contact and maximizes comfort XtraFlex wheel suspension creates optimum ground contact and maximizes comfort
XtraFlex suspension unit absorbs movements, improving machine uptime XtraFlex suspension unit absorbs movements, improving machine uptime
Fast filling and easy rinsing with PowrSpray™ and AirRinse™ systems
PowrSpray and AirRinse

From the cab or the operator station, fast filling, benchmark spraying accuracy, power agitation, and fast and efficient rinsing is yours at the touch of a SolutionCommand button.


PowrSpray allows you to fill up to 5,000 L (1320.9 gal.) in less than 5 minutes and still have all the time and clean water you need for adding chemicals and rinsing containers. Just type the amount of liquid you would like to add into the SolutionCommand keypad and press start. The dedicated filling pump immediately starts to fill at up to 1,200 L/min (317 gpm). When you want to add chemicals, Active Pause is engaged – filling of the solution tank is paused to give you the time you need to add chemicals. Clean water is still available, as the filling pump continues to supply all you need for rinsing containers and measuring equipment. When you’re finished adding plant protection products, you can rapidly top up the tank at 1,200 L/min (317 gpm). The PowrSpray dual-circuit system lets you fill the clean water tank at any time during the filling process, eliminating a major bottleneck and getting you back into the field faster.

Active Pause Active Pause

Rinsing and dilution are easy with the R4140i and R4150i Sprayers. AirRinse is enabled at the push of an in-cab button. The automatic pressurised air purge works in two steps. First, pressurised air pushes residual liquid from the eductor and rinses lines into the solution tank. Then, residual liquid is pushed from the spraylines through the nozzles (after the pump has stopped).

Residual liquid from the eductor is pushed into the solution tank Residual liquid from the eductor is pushed into the solution tank

A. Air

B. Spray pump 

C. Spraying nozzles

Residual liquid from the spraylines is pushed through the nozzles Residual liquid from the spraylines is pushed through the nozzles

A. Air

B. Spray pump 

C. Spraying nozzles

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