The Right to Repair Made Easy

As a valued customer of Emmetts and John Deere, we understand the challenges you face in maintaining and optimising your farming operations. In recent years, the landscape of farming machinery has evolved significantly, with technology playing an increasingly integral role in enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Access to repair information, diagnostic tools, and affordable replacement parts is paramount to the success of your farming operation. It enables you to address equipment breakdowns swiftly, minimising costly downtime during critical periods like planting and harvesting seasons.

Our team at Emmetts are committed to supporting your success on your terms. That's why we stand behind your right to repair and are providing you with the resources to keep your farm running smoothly. Together, we can navigate the challenges of modern agriculture and ensure a prosperous future for your operation.

Access to extensive self-repair resources are available online here:
John Deere Customer Self-Repair Solutions

For additional questions, please contact your nearest branch, and our service team will be happy to help.
John Deere Financial
We want to make owning and operating your equipment simple and affordable. 
We have a range of finance options to suit any customer.  Contact your local Emmetts branch, or visit these sites for more information and a free quote.
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