At Emmetts we have your cropping needs covered with new seeding and tillage farm machinery from John Deere and also Bourgault, Grizzly and Agrowplow.

john deere

DRILLS & air carts

Air Hoe Drills, No-Till Air Drills, Box Drills, Integrated Tank Air Drills, Commodity Carts


Drawn Planters, Integral Planters, DB Planters, DR Planters


air seeders

Regardless of your operational needs, there is a Bourgault Air Seeder that will work for you

air drills

wide selection of seeding implement choices, each can be configured to suit your particular needs. Large or small, hoe or coulter, there is a Bourgault that will suit you.



Suited to broad acre cropping cultivation in flat as well as undulating country, irrigation farming or even developing new country, the Field Boss Folding wing gives you a heavy yet versatile machine for all your cultivation applications.


Whether you are in an irrigation application or a dryland cropping situation and you need to get water away from your plants.It could mean the difference between having a crop at harvest or not.


seed drills

 Simple, reliable and robust, Agrowdrills are designed to maximise seeding versatility for a wide range of seeding applications. 


Small, Medium and Large sized deep tillage plough featuring rigid shear pin shanks for excellent soil renovation

maschio gaspardo

Precision planters

Easy to use, constantly reliable and highly accurate, this unit is especially recommended for sowing on tilled soils without crop residues on the ground. The seeding furrow is made by a drill coulter and the seeding depth is set by a parallelogram system between the frame and the rear wheel, which can be adjusted by a mechanical jack.

no till drills

The GIGANTE model has a great operational capacity and therefore high productivity levels combined with a folding frame for easy transport on road. High autonomy, down time reduced to a minimum, along with a precise distribution bring efficiency to top levels.

precision vegetable drills

The OLIMPIA unit is available in two versions, N and W, and can be configured with various types of wheels and accessories to better adapt it to different types of soils and inter-row.


With a considerable variety of uses thanks to its wide choice of set-ups and accessories. Its structure means it can satisfy the requirements of small and medium farms and achieve excellent results on even very difficult soils with considerable economy in the use of tractor power.


Multi-purpose shredders distinguished for its operational capacity, as it can be used for various purposes, such as rows of crops, grassy terrain and cornstalks. Its reliability derives from the structure have a double-sheet frame, which provides rigidness and wear resistance. The notched double counter blades guarantee optimum cutting quality even in difficult conditions.