Precision Air Hoe Drill
  • 18.3 m (60 ft.) working width at 25.4 cm or 30.5 cm (10-in. or 12-in.) spacing
  • Dual Knife Openers
  • Relative Flow™ blockage monitoring
  • Uniform seed and fertiliser placement with a consistent 1.9 cm (0.75-in.) vertical and 3.8 cm (1.5-in.) horizontal spread.
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The Total Seeding Solution – Experience the John Deere Advantage

John Deere has the seeding solutions that go above expectations with a complete line of everything needed in small grains. Offering a variety of openers for your chosen practice in a variety of configurations and sizes. All with integrated technology throughout the seeding train allows for effortless setup and seamless documentation.

Total seeding solution Total seeding solution

Setting up a John Deere seeding train is quick and easy with the plug and play technology. All data and technology operate through the Gen 4 display and ultimately up to John Deere Operation Center™ that can be viewed from anywhere at any time. Not only does the complete John Deere seeding solution all operate through one display but it eliminates the difficulty and time-consuming tasks of setting up extra displays and harnesses.

John Deere tractor paired with John Deere tool and cart John Deere tractor paired with John Deere tool and cart

With a complete John Deere seeding solution, there are multiple different onboard and offboard technologies shown below that improve the overall seeding production step. Many of these technologies are exclusive to John Deere. Each of these technologies bring different customer value that overall lead to the ultimate John Deere seeding solution!

On the go, quick adjust downforce with TruSet™ from the cab
  • Adjust downforce pressure to improve uniform emergence
  • Set presets to quickly adjust from field to field
TruSet downforce display TruSet downforce display
Monitor blockage row by row from the cab with RelativeFlow™
  • Seed with confidence while monitoring each row
  • Detect blockage early and know exactly where it is
RelativeFlow blockage sensors RelativeFlow blockage sensors
ActiveCal™ display
  • Calibrate the meters from the cab utilizing the tank scales
  • Improved confidence the correct seeding rates are being met
ActiveCal display ActiveCal display
SectionCommand™ controls seed and fertilizer output
  • Controls seed and fertilizer output by closing and opening gates on the meters
  • Minimize skips and overlaps leading to reduced inputs
Example of seeded field with SectionCommand Example of seeded field with SectionCommand
AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance and AutoTrac Turn Automation
  • Make every operator an experienced operator
  • Precisely placed implements for more accurate seeding, less operator fatigue, and more productivity
  • Hands-free turns within field headlands (with AutoTrac Turn Automation enabled)
AutoTrac Turn Automation display AutoTrac Turn Automation display
John Deere Operation Center™
  • Setup and manage your farm operations: equipment, team, fields, and crop inputs
  • Plan work in advance to increase job quality and efficiency with Work Planner
  • Map based prescriptions can be used with variable rates
  • Analyze this season’s results to improve next season’s crops
John Deere Operation Center web and mobile John Deere Operation Center web and mobile
Operation Center Mobile
  • View your data on the go; remotely monitor job quality, productivity, machine performance, and quickly make informed decisions
  • Manage and monitor from anywhere at any time with near real-time field and machine updates
Operation Center Mobile Operation Center Mobile
Connected Support
  • Expert Alerts proactively notifies your dealer of any issues
  • Remote display access allows for easy on the go support
Connected Support Connected Support

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Consistent performance across all soil conditions with the P600 opener
P600 opener P600 opener

The P600 Precision Air Hoe Drill opener provides exceptional agronomic performance across all soil and field conditions. Its double knife design places nutrients right where your crop needs it without compromising safety. The fixed relationship between seed and fertilizer minimizes row-to-row variability, allowing for an even crop at emergence and at harvest. With its maintenance-free pivot point, extended wear knives, and quick-change depth settings, it is also easy to use and economical to maintain.

Integrated insights from the complete John Deere seeding solution
9RX Tractor with a C-Series Cart and P600 Precision Air Hoe Drill 9RX Tractor with a C-Series Cart and P600 Precision Air Hoe Drill

With John Deere 9R Tractors, C-Series Carts, P600 Precision Air Hoe Drills, and John Deere Operations Center™ application, you have all the insights you need to maximize profitability and understand your seeding operation. All of this comes in an easy-to-use format combined with wireless data transfer, so you spend more time working on what matters.

Increased productivity from larger width offerings
Larger working widths available on the P600 Larger working widths available on the P600

With both 24.4-m and 27.4-m (80-ft and 90-ft) working widths available, the P600 allows you to be more productive than ever before. The P690 is 9 percent more productive than the previous largest offering from John Deere, the P576. In the real world 9 percent means it takes five fewer passes to seed a 64.75-ha (160-acre) field than the P576.

Technology that pays
RelativeFlow™ on the P600 RelativeFlow™ on the P600
TruSet™ Home Page on the P600 TruSet™ Home Page on the P600

The John Deere seeding solution gives you the tools to maximize profitability in your operation. Features like RelativeFlow sensors and TruSet provide peace of mind that you did the best job possible when seeding. John Deere Operations Center™ application gives you the full picture of your operation, providing you the power to make informed choices.

Control opener and frame pressure from the cab with TruSet™
TruSet home page on P600s TruSet home page on P600s

The P600 comes standard with TruSet, giving customers improved opener pressure controls, better insights into frame and opener performance, while also being easier to use. TruSet is completely integrated into the Gen 4 display, with simple controls in an intuitive screen layout. Operator selectable pressure presets for opener, hitch and wing downforce allow for quick changes when field or soil conditions change for uniform seeding performance.


Exclusive TruSet downforce control has taken adjustability on John Deere seeding tools to a whole new level. Rather than using the traditional foot switch to raise and lower openers, operators can make incremental adjustments conveniently from the Gen 4 display inside the tractor cab. This also saves time and makes it easier to adapt to changing field conditions.


Display compatibility:

  • G5 displays
  • Gen 4 displays
  • GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display
P500 vs P600? Which one is the right Precision Hoe Drill for you?

When considering a new precision hoe drill from John Deere, it is important to understand the differences between the P500 and the P600. There are key differences in the two openers that are outlined below. Understanding the differences will help the customer have the best performance for their exact situation.





Opener type

Paired row – side band

Single row – side band

Dual knife – side band

Seed to fertilizer horizontal separation

3.8 cm (1.5 in.) consistent separation

3.8 cm (1.5 in.) consistent separation

Seed to fertilizer vertical separation

Adjustable up to 11.4 cm (4.5 in.)

1.9 cm (0.75 in.) consistent separation

HP per opener required

6 HP

5 HP

Available row spacing

9 in. paired rows and 12 in. single row

10 in. and 12 in.

Working widths available

40 ft and 56 ft

60 ft, 70 ft, 80 ft, and 90 ft

RelativeFlow™ available



TruSet™ available



Agronomic value

  • Improved soil tilth
  • Moisture retention/trench
  • Breaking up soil hard pan
  • Black soil zone performance
  • Excellent seed safety
  • Accessibility of fertilizer band
  • Consistent relationship between seed and fertilizer in any field conditions
  • Suitable for multiple soil and climatic zones
P500 paired row separation P500 paired row separation
P500 single row separation P500 single row separation
P600 separation P600 separation
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