Emmetts.  Keeping
Farmers Farming.

Quality Service When and Where You Need

Our growing organisation includes a dedicated fleet of service technicians throughout South Australia and western Victoria. We’re prepared to support you whether you come to us, or we go to you.
From routine maintenance or pre-season inspections, to quick upgrades or unexpected breakdowns, our qualified technicians share one mission: to keep farmers farming. That means minimizing your downtime and getting your wheels turning as soon as possible.
Our service technicians receive formal John Deere training as well as continuous training in mechanical work and intense diagnostics including hydraulics, electronics, GPS and agronomic data, system diagnostic tools, diesel engine functions and repair, transmissions functions and repair, and air conditioning; as well as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (already in the latest harvesters and sprayers) and electric vehicle repair and diagnostics (now part of John Deere EVT transmissions).
As your business and agriculture, continues to evolve, we’ll be right there beside you.

John Deere Combine Advisor™

Get more functionality out of your harvester! Combine Advisor™ automatically adjusts your harvester settings to maintain and improve grain quality, and productivity, while minimizing losses. It adapts to changing conditions, even when you can’t see them. In compatible crops, it makes on-the-go adjustments based on crop conditions without operator input, regardless of moisture or crop conditions – and continues to do so throughout the day.
Combine Advisor includes active vision cameras on the clean grain and tailings elevators to monitor grain. This technology, built into your S700 and X9 combine, boosts the productivity and efficiency of your harvesting operation.
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Reduced risk of costly in-season downtime.
Lower repair costs due to preventative maintenance.
Ensuring optimum performance at all times.
Higher resale value for well maintained equipment.
Software upgrades to ensure optimum performance.
John Deere Financial
We want to make owning and operating your equipment simple and affordable. 
We have a range of finance options to suit any customer.  Contact your local Emmetts branch, or visit these sites for more information and a free quote.
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