Yield Documentation, Specialty Crops
Data Management
  • In-cab mapping gives you yield information on the go
  • Make agronomic decisions based on site-specific data
  • Available for weight-based, conveyor-driven harvesting equipment for potatoes, onions, sugarbeets, grapes and more
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Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop lets you connect your harvesting equipment for potatoes, onions, sugarbeets, grapes and other specialty crops to the GS3 2630 display for on-screen mapping, in-cab colour visualisation.
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Document specialty crops

Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop enables producers to document harvest information from weight-based, conveyor driven harvesting equipment. Typical uses include harvesting potatoes, onions, and sugar beets, but is not limited to those crops.

Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop is compatible with the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, 4240 and 4640 Universal Displays, and GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display. Displays document and provide real time detailed information for yield, moisture, percent trash, load tracking, and data management.

Data can be easily transferred to Operations Center via Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) or USB for further analysis around yield, load tracking, and agronomic impacts for nutrient removal and residue levels.

Required components:
  • 4600 CommandCenter or 4240/4640 Universal Display with 19-2 software update
  • GreenStar 3 2630 Display
  • Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop (Application Controller 1120, Stellar Activation, Application Controller 1120 to controller area network [CAN] bus harness)
  • StarFire™ 6000 or StarFire 3000 Receiver
  • Third-party yield controller sending RS232 data via Application Controller 1120 connection

NOTE: Yield Documentation, Specialty Crop harvest data is only compatible with the John Deere Operations Center.

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