NEW John Deere tractors

Whatever farming or machinery requirements you have, speak to your closest Emmetts branch about the John Deere tractor series. Power, performance, efficiency and the latest technology.

1 series

1 series family

The Value-Spec 23 horsepower 1023E meets all of the basic needs around your property. Or choose the 1025R for a premium, comfortable workhorse for your small acreage.

2 series

2 series family

Ranging from 24 to 36 horsepower, these comfortable compact tractors feature a drive-over mower deck, foldable Roll over protection and standard four-wheel drive.

3 series

3 series family

The 36 horsepower value-spec 3036E tractors are ready to tackle jobs. The 3R Series is where premium meets capability.

4 series tractors

4 series family

The 4105 is built for hard work: loading, mowing and landscaping. The mid-spec 4M Series are available in 49 and 66 horsepower models, as are the premium 4R series.


utility tractors

The 5E Series (55 to 93 hp), mid-spec 5M Series (85 to 115 hp), premium 5R Series (90 to 125 hp), and powerful 6 Family (105 to 135) are built to get the job done.


SPECIALTY tractors

Includes hi-crop tractors with over 594 mm of front axle space, low profile tractors, and the super-narrow 5GV Series (75 to 85 hp) and 5GN Series (75 to 100 hp).

row crop tractors

row crop tractors

6 Series  |  7 Series  |  8 Series

The 6-Series (140 to 210 hp), the 7R Series, (210 to 310 hp) and the 8R8RT Series (245 to 400 hp) tractors deliver uncompromised performance.

9 series tractor

9 family 4wd / track tractors

9 Series

Meet the 9R, 9RT and the 9RX Series tractors (370 to 620hp). Whether your operation calls for tyres, two tracks or four, the 9 Family has you covered.